Custom Software for the Logistics Industry. By Nology Solutions.

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There are countless benefits to WMS, which include:

  • Streamlined and efficient receiving, picking, shipping, storage tracking
  • Handle damaged product and returns
  • Multi-System Integration (Incl. QuickBooks)
  • Significantly decrease billing time from hours to minutes
  • Generate accurate orders and reduces safety stock
  • Facilitate orders to reduce transportation and shipping costs
  • Train new and existing employees on daily operations within a day
  • Streamline the picking, packing and shipping process; minimizing the number of movements per order
  • Eliminate annual physical counts
  • Decrease expenses by up to 20% on labor and storage by managing tasks and improving processes
  • Plan, balance and monitor workload activities
  • Reduce the requirement for warehouse space with cross-docking and flow-through capabilities

Web-based benefits:

  • Not in the office or warehouse? No matter, submit orders and track inventory movement over the web! Completed in real-time; allows your warehouse operations to stay updated with shipping and receiving requirements
  • Transparency between you and your customers – 100% visibility for customers and their inventory. Assure customer confidence and keep them informed. Updates on order statuses and inventory movement
  • Visibility of your warehouse data from anywhere with an internet connection – Cloud-Based warehouse management visibility. Overview of warehouse operations from anywhere with a typical internet connection. Enabled warehouse management from remote locations
  • Real-time, Live inventory and order information – Provide customers with inventory information as soon as operations are completed. Allow customers to expect shipped and received inventory
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