Custom Software for the Logistics Industry. By Nology Solutions.

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Streamlined and efficient receiving, picking, shipping, storage tracking

Handle damaged product and returns

Multi-System Integration (Incl. QuickBooks)

Significantly decrease billing time from hours to minutes

Generate accurate orders and reduces safety stock

Facilitate orders to reduce transportation and shipping costs

Train new and existing employees on daily operations within a day

Streamline the picking, packing and shipping process; minimizing the number of movements per order

Eliminate annual physical counts

Decrease expenses by up to 20% on labor and storage by managing tasks and improving processes

Plan, balance and monitor workload activities

Reduce the requirement for warehouse space with cross-docking and flow-through capabilities

Web Based:

Purchase and Sales Order entry over the web! – Not in the office or warehouse? No matter, submit orders and track inventory movement over the web! Completed in real-time; allowing your warehouse operations to stay updated with shipping and receiving requirements

Transparency between you and your customers – 100% visibility for customers and their inventory. Assure customer confidence and keep them informed. Updates on order statuses and inventory movement

Visibility of your warehouse data from anywhere with an internet connection – Cloud-Based warehouse management visibility. Overview of warehouse operations from anywhere with a typical internet connection. Enabled warehouse management from remote locations

Real-time, Live inventory and order information – Provide customers with inventory information as soon as operations are completed. Allow customers to expect shipped and received inventory