Custom Software for the Logistics Industry. By Nology Solutions.

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What To Look For   arrow

1) Transaction Management

Does it track everything from receiving to manifesting?
Such as :

Putting away
Inventory audits
Internal or warehouse-to-warehouse movement
Break-downs and Kits

Is the information precise and detailed?

2) Extra Functionality

What more can it do for you?
Will it make us more efficient and streamline business processes?

Does it track which employees conducted the work? This will give you visibility to both the warehouse and your workforce efficiency.

Can it make things easier and faster?  If so, you’ll get more done in one and and need fewer resources to get it done.

3) Easy to Use?

Easy to use applications will reduce the amount of time to complete a task and will also reduce employee training.  You’ll spend less time with manual tracking and monitoring and be up and running in minutes.

Does the application provide on-screen help?  Easy to use menus?  These both improve usability and provide a cleaner flow.

4) Reporting

Reporting is important.  It provides metrics that can help shape and reshape business processes and make things more efficient.  Data can represent performance inbounding, outbounding, etc and can tell you which employees are getting the most work done.

5) Flexibility

Can the application scale up or down according to a company’s growth or resource growth?  Can it meet future technological requirements?

6) Additional Hardware Compatibility

Can it work with :
Barcode scanners/terminals
RFID scanners
Weight scales
Label printers

7) Price and Value

What is the cost of ownership when compared to similar products?

Is the cost modular?  Do you need to pay for every module even if they are not used?  Or can you turn on modules and pay for them as required?