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TMS Suite – Courier, Trucking, Crossdock, WMS, And 3PL   arrow

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Our newest addition is a combination of Transportation Management and Warehouse Management.  It encompasses all key matters of transportation with one simple login.

Inbounding of product for warehousing or cross dock is made simple.

Inbound Order Details

Inbound Order items

Inbounding Charges

Inbounding Notes

Full audit of Inbound Orders

Outbound Order List

Outbound Order Detail

Outbound Order Details And Pick List

Outbound Order Charges

Outbound Order Audit

Backorders and Fulfillment

Transportation Order Details

Transportation Charges

Dispatch Board

Customer List

Customer Detail

Customer Addressbook

Customer Contacts

Customer Price Plans

Price Plans List

Price Plans Zone to Zone Pricing

Zone Setup

Surcharge Plan List

Surcharge Plan Types

Surcharges for packages

Surcharges for Vehicle

Surcharges for Weight

Surcharges for Waiting Time

Warehouse Dock Setup

Warehouse Charges Setup

Warehouse Bin Location

State/Province Setup and Taxes Setup

Inventory Item Setup

Inventory Transfer

Inventory List and Search

Zone List

Services Setup

Carrier / Driver Setup

Inbound Orders List

Finalizing Screen

Invoicing Screen

Payment Receipts Screen

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